Our Teaching Programs

At Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center, we design and provide 10 progressive programs helping you master Mandarin Chinese scientifically and systematically

Our Ten Progressive Mandarin Chinese Programs

  • Beginner Level I
  • Beginner Level II
  • Beginner Level III
  • Beginner-to-Intermediate Level
  • Intermediate Level I
  • Intermediate Level II
  • Intermediate Level III
  • Intermediate-to-Advanced Level
  • Advanced Level I
  • Advanced Level II

There is a transitional level between Beginner Level and Intermediate Level, which we call it Beginner-to-Intermediate Level or Beginner Level IV. It is also the highest Beginner Level I.

There is a transitional level between Intermediate Level and Advanced Level, which we call it Intermediate-to-advanced Level. It is also the highest Intermediate Level.

Beginner Level Books

Testimonials of our clients

"Andy is simply the best language instructor I’ve ever had. I’ve studied German, Russian and Spanish prior to studying Mandarin. He provides a fun, interesting and insightful foundation for learning the language. Going in I thought Chinese would be difficult. Instead, it has been a joy to learn and relatively easy to understand because of Andy’s teaching style and methods. He provides great cultural context and operates at an appropriate pace. Within the first 60 days I could see significant results including being able to actually read and write the language around everyday situations. I highly recommend him. He’s worth ten times what he charges for lessons". 

--S.D. Light, VP/GMM, Sears Holding Corporation, Hoffman Estates, IL

"Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center has transformed my life! Depending on your motivation or reasoning to learn, I believe that CMCC will definitely help you as well.  I have had the luxury of meeting both Andy and Rebecca by taking classes through CMCC. I must say that my comprehension and understanding of Mandarin Chinese has dramatically improved. Thank You!! Andy is very practical and brings real life experiences from his past as he presents class material. He is very funny and captivates the class with his rich personality. Rebecca is also a very excellent teacher. My classmates and I excelled tremendously through her ability to explain concepts. She took her time and made sure that everyone understood the material.  Her teaching style was fantastic. Rebecca is definitely an asset to CMCC! Because of Andy and Rebecca, I now have more confidence in Mandarin Chinese. I hope to further my education of this beautiful language through CMCC before my journey to the unknown begins (moving to China)!" 

-- HenryW. Naperville, IL

I've studied several languages, and made my living translating one for a number of years.  Andy Zhang is an exceptionally effective teacher.  He is energetic and uses class time very efficiently.  I'm astonished that he can cover such a broad range of material in only a two hour class, especially as he's constantly reviewing previous material.  If one works on the material at home (and he sends you audio files to help you), you should make progress.  Highly recommended.

-- James O. Chicago, IL

I am from Brazil and learn English is not very easy. Imagine learn Mandarin with a Chinese teacher speaking English. I tought it would be impossible, but on the contrary, Andy make Mandarin easy, ahah... NOT. Mandarin is not easy, but Andy is very articulate, intelligent, knows everything about his country, traditions, culture, food, geography, history, and knows a lot of the rest of the world. He speaks other languages and even try some words in Portuguese (I don't speak Spanish, ok?). Classes improved significantly after Andy's book "Mandarin Chinese - Beginner Level I" be published, because it teaches step by step how to write Mandarin too.

I finished Level I and II and I am anxious for the Level III start in August 2013.​

--Debora M. Brasil

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center is an exceptional place to go for students of all levels.  I took lesson there for about a year after college and dramatically increased my skills.  The teachers are both talented and patient.  The two instructors I had were both flexible to work at a speed that matched my skill level as it evolved but were professional enough to challenge me along the way.  Andy who runs the programs was very receptive to coordinate my private lessons and reschedule them when need be.  This program has given me both the skills and confidence to come to China and utilize my hard work as I travel the country.  I would recommend this school to anyone looking to expand their Mandarin proficiency.

--Mark C. Western Springs, IL

I am taking Mandarin 1 at the Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center because of the excellent reviews it received on Yelp. Andy Zhang is still the teacher for the "First-Graders", and I can confirm that he totally deserves all the praise. He is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He cares about his students and their learning success. He loves his native language and is so knowledgeable about it that we want to learn. And if we did not study hard enough he will remind us to practice, practice, practice. I expect that of an excellent teacher!

--Rita S. Glencor, IL