Intermediate Level Mandarin Chinese Program

Who Should Attend?​​

Our Internediate-Level I Class is ideal for those who have completed their beginner-level studies and anticipate to upgrade their written and communications skills to an intermediate-level in order to better serve their career growth, business development or personal applications. It is also very suitable for those who have plans to travel or work in China; those hold strong interests in Chinese culture; University teachers, researcher or students; business owners from the companies which have strong business connections with China market.

Our Intermediate-Level II Class is most suitable for a smaller group of individuals and/or business professionals (typically 8-10 participants) interested in further advancing their Mandarin Chinese skills.  

Our Intermediate-Level II Program has been one of the most popular programs helping individuals succeed in communicating with their Chinese business partners, friends and/or families.

We will be glad to conduct a free phone assessment on your existing proficiency in Mandarin Chinese so that we know which of our program(s) works for you best.

Intermediate-to-Advanced Level Book

Intermediate-to-Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese
- An In-depth Analysis on China-Western Cultural Differences is featured with carefully selected learning content, well-knitted course structure, profound analysis and neutral point of views  combined with extensive exercises after each lesson. Readers and learners are believed to benefit immensely from this book. 

Intermediate-to-Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese
- An In-depth Analysis on China-Western Cultural Differences is ideal for the higher learning institutions, colleges and universities which offer Mandarin Chinese programs, cultural research institutes, overseas Chinese teachers, college students with intermediate-level or higher proficiency, business professionals, or researchers and scholars who are interested in Chinese language and culture. The book integrates both Simplified and Traditional written form to facilitate learners with different preferences.

第一课: 入乡随俗—西方人在中国须知 ​​​
第一課: 入鄉隨俗—西方人在中國須知
第二课: 浅议中美文化之差异
第二課: 淺議中美文化之差異
第三课: 话说中西方文化差异与日常交际
第三課: 話說中西方文化差異與日常交際
第四课: 趣谈日常保健与养生之秘诀
第四課: 趣談日常保健與養生之秘诀
第五课: 聊聊中国人的娱乐生活
第五課: 聊聊中國人的娛樂生活
第六课: 说说中国人的“面子”问题
第六課: 說說中國人的“面子”問題
第七课: 谈谈中国人的礼貌与客套
第七課: 談談中國人的禮貌與客套
第八课: 评说中国的环境保护
第八課: 評說中國的環境保護
第九课: 漫谈中美家庭观念之差异
第九課: 漫談中美家庭觀念之差異
第十课: 细说中国的数字文化
第十課: 细说中國的數位文化