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Structure of Beginner-level I Programs

As a starting course, our Beginner-Level I Mandarin Chinese program helps learners to master Mandarin Chinese language systematically. This well-received course mainly focuses on speaking, reading and listening comprehension. Chinese culture & business etiquette are an integral part of this program.

​This featured program is composed of 14 lessons, of which the first 6 lessons will be taught weekly at our center in a group setting (Each classroom lesson runs for about 1 hour 45 minutes) and the remaining 8 lessons is taught taught on an e-learning approach.

The first 6-week lessons are crucial for you to build up essential knowledge and skills in pronunciation, phonetic tones, vocabulary, grammar, sentence pattern, and situational dialogues.

After your 6-week courses, you can easily accomplish your level I study at your own pace by finishing the rest 8 e-learning lessons. Our e-learning packages include audio recordings, e-learning videos, flashcards, e-dictionary and other on-line learning tools we provide to all class participants.

Beginner Level I Program

What are included in Beginner-Level I Program?
--6-Week classroom sessions (each classroom lesson runs for 1 hour 45 minutes).
--7 e-learning sessions which allow you to complete the Level I at your own pace.  
--1 customized E-learning lessons that help further strengthen your skills. 
--A free published book "Mandarin Chinese Beginner-Level I"
--Free Audio recordings for all text lessons contained in the book.
--Free flashcards of all text lessons in the book.
--A free e-Dictionary covering the most frequently used Chinese characters.
--Free summary videos highlighting key language points for all 6 classroom lessons.
--Free to make up any missed classroom lesson when it is taught again (at different dates & times).
--Free to switch between two concurrent Level I programs to avoid missing any class.

​Course Structure:
--Chinese Phonetics: Initials, Finals and Tones 
--Most frequently used Chinese characters and usage  
--Chinese character pronunciation, phrases and expressions 
--Multiple practically-used situational dialogue 
--Business etiquette education, Chinese history, traditions and customs 

--Meet once a week in a particular week-day evening (6:00pm-7:45pm) or weekend (during the day).
--Highly focus on speaking, reading and listening comprehension (95%), culture and etiquette (5%).
--Master multiple practically-used situational dialogues, expressions and communication skills.
--Utilizing the unique "learn-by-cultural-correlation" approach for fast learning 
--Classroom sessions coupled with e-learning approach that enable the learners a high level of flexibility.​​​

Pave a solid foundation

Want to gain an important skill set or communicate with your clients, your friends, or your loved ones in a language that is spoken by one quarter of the world population? Then stop searching from now on and join with thousands of other individuals and organizations who have already taken our featured 14-Session Beginner-level I Mandarin Chinese program!

Our 14-Session Beginner-Level I Mandarin Chinese Program is the appropriate starting program for learners with zero or very limited knowledge in Mandarin Chinese. This well-received program helps you build up needed knowledge and skills in Chinese phonetics, alphabet pronunciation, tones that related to your speaking and reading capabilities, listening comprehension, sentence structure, etymology of the Chinese character, grammatical rules, syntax and situational dialogues etc. Chinese culture and business etiquette are also integral part of this program. Beginner-Level I Class helps you build a solid foundation which is crucial before you enter into the next level study.