Advanced Level Mandarin Chinese Programs

Our Advanced Level Mandarin
​Chinese Programs

At Chicgao Mandarin Chinese Center, we provide two advanced level programs: Advanced Level I and Advanced Level II

Our Advanced-level Mandarin Chinese class is a special program aiming at helping executives, business professionals, scholars, educators, researchers and entrepreneurs who are interested in upgrading their existing proficiency so as to achieve a high level of fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

Who Should Attend?
Advanced-Level Class is a geared up towards those who have learned Mandarin Chinese for 4-5 years.

Features of Advanced-Level Class

Our Advanced-Level is highly customized based on each individual client's needs. There is no time limit for Advanced-Level Program. Content and schedule are also flexible.

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Our unique teaching approach and carefully designed Chinese courses, business etiquette seminars and our proprietary "5-in-1" Learn Chinese 6.0 software have benefited hundreds of managerial executives, business professionals, university teachers, students and families who cherish a desire to gain the needed Mandarin Chinese skills at basic, intermediate and even advanced levels.​