Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center is dedicated to providing its clients with full-blown expert-level langauge learning solutions and services that lead to their personal and business success.
Professionalism, specialization and cost-effectiveness are three core strengths that differentiate us from the market.
We provide leading-edge learning materials and methodologies that satisfying world-wide learners at different ages and with different levels.
Our Learning Materials

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center is the designer and copyright onwer of all its learning materials







The published books we authored include four Beginner Levels, two Intermediate Levels and two Advanced Levels. We are the designer and copy rigjht onwer for all the book we use at our center.
The e-leqarning tools we developed include audio recordings to the hard-copy books we authored, e-learning videos, flashacrds, e-dictionary etc. 

Who we are

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center, a legal entity of Ganlin Corporation, is a leading Chinese language education and business culture training organization as well as a major translation agency of the all major Asian languages. Our unique teaching approach and carefully designed Chinese courses, business education sessions, featured seminars and our proprietary "5-in-1" Learn Chinese 6.0 software have benefited hundreds of managerial executives, business professionals, university teachers, students, individuals, and private/public enterprise decision-makers who maintain a desire to gain their basic, intermediate and even advanced level of Mandarin Chinese skills.

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